Committed (Nadège)

‘Morning Brooke!
I’m a Diamond and I love it! Joining Self Coaching Scholars a year ago was one of the best decisions in my life. Thank you for creating it!
I’ve been listening to the first Advanced Training with Rachel and it’s amazing. Thank you! Here’s my work about it:
1. What is it that you want that you haven’t fully committed to yet ? Make it measurable (option A).
I want to commit to my decisions taken ahead of time. That’s the summit I want to reach by the end of March 2019 and here are the micro-actions:
– following my eating plan programmed the day before
– going to bed at 10pm
– prospecting for my business 30 minutes a day
– working out 10 minutes a day
2. What are you weighing instead of committing to what you want ? What is the other option (option B) ?
Option B is doing it whenever I “feel like it”, that is to say keep on reading when it’s already 10pm, have a slice of cake when it’s available, writing instead of working out, not contacting anybody for my business.
3. Why is option B appealing ? It doesn’t mean anything about you.
Option B is appealing because it doesn’t require any effort. I’m pretty successful as I am, only 5kgs overweight, my lifestyle is pleasant as it is, I can function even if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep or if I don’t workout… It’s comfortable.
4. What positive and negative emotions are option B helping you avoid ? Discomfort, responsible, capable, determined… ?
I’m avoiding the discomfort of changing, the river of misery, the efforts required to move on to the next level.
I’m also avoiding the panick of success: I’m afraid of my all-encompassing power, like a Super-Hero discovering his super-powers. I’m not sure how I’ll manage this power. At the same time, this is what I want: I want power over my own life. I want to feel complete self-confidence. I want to trust myself. That’s why I set that goal.
However, I’m feeling as if it was a trap. If I believe I can achieve whatever I want, I might get extremely disappointed when it doesn’t work that way. So I’m avoiding a major disappointment by feeling disappointed right now. I’m protecting myself ahead of time. But at least I’m creating that disappointment, I’m not a “victim of circumstances”. And yet I know that I only choose that disappointment feeling with my thoughts – it’s not a fact.
5. Who will you be if you choose to stay with option B ?
I’ll keep on creating my own disappointment and I’ll stay in control of my disappointment.
6. What would you have to let go of in order to pursue your option A ?
My fear of being disappointed.
7. Who would you have to be in order to pursue your option A ?
Self-confident – I can act and progress day after day, little by little. That’s actually what I’m doing.
8. What is appealing about the person you would have to become ?
What a relief it would be to be able to trust myself, to know that whatever I want the R line to look like, I could succeed, to tell myself “Yes, of course, it’s in the mail!”
C – Deicisions ahead of time
T – I’m choosing disappointment
F – in control, disappointed
A – I act a little, not fulyl in
R – I half-reach my goals so I’m half-content, half-disappointed with myself
T – I can always choose my thoughts
F – in control
A – I write down my thoughts, examine them and change them whenever it suits me
R – I’m in control of my life
C – decisions ahead of time
T – I’m all powerful
F – scared
A – I limit my actions, I don’t go all in
R – I’m not exploiting my full potential
T – I’m discovering my power day after day, little by little, step by step
F – confident, curious
A – I examine my gifts, I adapt my plans accordingly
R – I’m being my true self
Then I thought about this feeling of power and why I felt this way. I’ve uncovered 2 main reasons:
– I don’t know who this powerful Nadège is and it’s scary. But you’ve given me great power thoughts: I don’t know who I’m going to be, and it doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant. My new me and my future is exciting. I just need to practice those new thoughts.
– I’m afraid I’ll lose my family because they won’t recognise me. So I’m deciding to think “I’m dealing with my own thoughts and that’s good enough”, “I can be an example for them and help them become the best versions of themselves if they choose to do so”.
Sorry it was so long! I’d love to hear your feedback on that ! Thank you!