Confused Brain


I have been with you for a year and noticed that I am using the model to change how I think, feel, and act.

It may have been your purpose all along, to teach me to do just that, but I find that in one particular area of starting my own business, I keep doing models on models and trying different thoughts till I will feel like it to work on my business and create content.

Some days a useful thought comes to me and helps me do the work, but most often it’s not as efficient in generating for me ‘feeling like working’ state.

And I know that you said before that sure, it would be great if we could make ourselves feel like doing the work, but we need to do it whether we feel like it or not.

Intellectually, I understand that, but my brain tells me – ‘this is too confusing, we need more information.’

And then I catch that thought and say – ‘you almost fooled me there, brain, there’s no confusion, we just do what we said we’d do tomorrow.’

Anyway, I wonder if you have done already a podcast about this and if so, if you can refer me to it.

Thanks, Lisa