Confusion & Bad Decisions


I am aware that I have been indulging in confusion for quite some time now. Months.

After a month of dating this man, I decided we weren’t compatible but he insisted we can work through it. His mature response was what got us here to this point months later.

However, I can’t help but think we aren’t compatible to the level I would like to be but am now worried I am making a “bad” decision if I break it off. Some of the questions that run through my head are, “What if this is what it’s like with anyone I meet?” “What if I am letting someone go with whom I have amazing chemistry with?” “What if I don’t meet someone who is as willing to make things work?”

I know this is my brain confusing the hell out of me but these types of thoughts induce such pain that it keeps me in my current discomfort and I indulge in more confusion.

Am I self sabotaging myself out of this relationship or am I self sabotaging myself INTO the relationship??