Construction Work

Dear Brooke, A strange thing keeps happening to me; every time we move house, construction work begins close by us. I work from home and find the noise distressing and we’ve moved to get away from it but then the same things happened. Living in a city it was perhaps inevitable to encounter some construction but recently we moved very rural, surrounded by fields, and construction of new houses has begun in the field beside us. There’s a planning appeal for a further 110 houses so we will likely move again.
I understand that the construction is a circumstance and I’m working on believing this is happening for me. I can decide that this is a gift because it will likely trigger us to move again, and we can find a more amazing home. An alternative is that we stay in this house and I learn to deal with construction and grow in tolerance.
This has happened so often even though I now actively seek out homes that are quiet. Do you believe that certain things repeat because there is a lesson that needs to be learned? Or do I simply move house again 😉 Is there any other way I can look at this positively? Thank you!