Dear Brooke, I was relistening to your very first podcast episode and heard with fresh ears your advice to start by creating the feeling you expect to have when you accomplish a goal.

I’m working on creating the feeling “content” – this is a feeling I crave (in contrast to feelings of anxiety/dissatisfaction that I often feel).
The thoughts I’m practicing are;
I’m exactly where I want to be.
I have enough. I am enough.
My life is rich and satisfying.

If I cultivate contentment how does that fit with the concept of 50:50 (can I feel content even when experiencing negative emotions?)

Do you think that “content” is a useful feeling to generate? I’m concerned that it leads to inaction vs the fierce striving that can come from my anxiety – but I want my action to be driven by positive emotion and “content” is what I long for.

Thank you so much.