Hi Brooke
I‘m not sure if this is the correct place to post as I am in Diamond but feel I am really not at this level of work yet.

I’m struggling to fit the time in to plan, to write, to model. I’m very good at listening to the information, not the actual doing part. I’m great at information gathering.

I tell my self as soon as I’ve done the “insert something” (housework, been to work, got lunches ready) etc. and then when I’m done with “doing” I just want to sit down with a book, glass of wine and relax. Nothing is then achieved long-term. Everything is done for the short-term, today, tomorrow.

I then start berating myself – what a waste of money, you never will get “there”, constantly looking for the answer to unlock my resistance to do the work.

I have control over bits of my life and I do them really well, the rest not so well!

I have a thought right now of “if my world could just stop for a day I could catch up on myself”