Corporate Lean Efforts

I’m a Lean Cultural Transformation coach for an International company (corporate job). I support one of 17 manufacturing facilities and coach every level from shop floor to CEO.
One of the obstacles I was tasked to coach people through is their resistance to Lean. My shop floor clients shared that their resistance is based on their Fear of Losing their jobs once they decrease the work.

The CEO and team mentioned that they wanted to reinvest any savings into thoughtful investments, not lay people off.

CEO and team decided to outsource a whole division (Facility and Equipment Maintenance and Engineering). For the current employees they are considering either severance packages or hiring them through the other company for the same position with a substantial paycut.

I’m feeling furious.

Thought: The CEO and team betrayed the trust of the shop floor people and used me to perpetuate the lie.

I’m also feeling frantic

Thought: The CEO and team are about to make a decision that will derail the efforts of the past two years and cause potential mental and livelihood harm to good employees who were given conflicting directions to follow. And I can’t do anything to stop the impending disaster.

My actions are in suspended animation as a coach myself through this. If I act on feeling furious and frantic, there will be a disaster of a different kind.

I feel like a wife of a husband that is abusive to his kids. I want to love and support them both without anybody getting hurt.

I’m trying to educate the corporation on Abundant Mindset. We can create more value for our customers. They are stuck in scarcity