Cortisol and Progress whilst on Protocol

Hi Brooke
I would be so grateful for your advice. I have been following an intermittent fasting, no sugar, no flour protocol. I am 47 years old and am peri-menopausal. Fun times mama 😉 I have been sticking to my protocol really well. I am actually really proud. I have had a rare moment of #teamhuman but am really going ALL IN on my ‘impossible goal’. My weight loss is slow and factually is regularly going up/down and feels (yes that old chestnut of a “F” LOL) like my body is clinging onto the weight for dear life. Is this the effect of long-term coritsol in my system? I have been experiencing a lot of long term stress. I have been over the past 2 months really dialling in my thought work and mind management to reduce stress/anxiety, and been successful in many positive ways. I am still doing the work and am committed to it daily, hourly. I have been adding in meditation at night which has been super helpful for my sleep (I have a history of chronic insomnia) and have a hugely improved sleep routine. I am now walking every morning in nature to help reduce stress. Drinking lots of water, taking ashwaghanda and Natural Calm (also great for sleep). I know I can start going to bed even earlier and this will help too. Do you recommend actually getting the Saliva test done to check Cortisol levels? What are the steps and actions you recommend to students/clients/coaches to help reduce Cortisol (so beneficial to overall health) which also enable them to get the best results on their Protocol? Thank you dear Brooke! Helen XO