Crazy Good Year Ahead- THANK YOU

I won’t lie.. I may have actually teared up when my Diamond material came in the mail a few weeks ago. Happy Tears of course 🙂 . I have loved this past year and am almost finished with my Certification to be a coach next month! Woo hoo . Your training and Bev’s coaching has been amazing. This summer will be the end of a long chapter in my book. I am leaving my career in financial planning after 19 years, and will be building an amazing coaching practice. I want to help other working mothers who have let anxiety hold them back from taking action on their dreams and i CANT WAIT! If it weren’t for you and the amazing materials, I may have let my back brain take over and tell me this is a crazy dangerous plan and to stay put.. But no way! I will be making a million dollars as a life coach helping people follow their own dreams. Thank you Brooke for showing us what is possible. You’re an inspiration. Can’t wait to meet you in person some day!