Dad Model Follow Up

T- He is being extremely disrespectful to me and my husbands family. F- hurt, disrespected A- defend husbands family, spin in thoughts R- ? (Not sure on the result). I was really hurt that my dad said something like that. We want to understand, but we don’t want to keep putting up with his hurtful comments. Is there a way to love without engaging in his comments. Another model I have is C- I say to my dad I’m really hurt. Dad says “Now you get a taste of what we’ve been going through.” T- He intentionally meant for me to be hurt. F- Hurt A- spin in thoughts, not want to talk with him R- ? I have so many other thoughts about this too like he is being a child and I can’t believe my own dad would want to intentionally hurt my feelings. He always has to prove a point. Now he will have won that he hurt me.