Dare – model help – outfit dare

Would love some help on this dare — to wear a tank top to a party (I rarely do this -always wear sleeves/cover up):

T: My body will be exposed and on display
F: self conscious
A: choose a different outfit
R: hide body (**is this the correct result?)

C: Dare
T: It’s hot outside, this is comfortable and cute
F: self confident
A: decide and commit to outfit
R: attend party in tank top; complete dare

I’m writing this to you after the dare was complete.
Everything was great, I wore the outfit, was very comfortable in the hot weather, felt liberating and like a chose a flattering top.

All was fine…

Then I saw a photo someone posted of me in the outfit at the party.

I had lots of negative thoughts: I look big. That wasn’t flattering. My arms AND my stomach are fat. I shouldn’t have worn that. I bet people thought that outfit looked bad on me.

I’m in the middle of coaching myself through this now.

I’m thinking: so what? I bet people didn’t really care one way or another about my outfit choice. But I’m also pretty deep in some self criticism here.

It’s interesting because so far, many of my dares have resulted in a neutral or positive outcome. And this one did too… until I saw that photo.

Would love some coaching here on next steps.

Thank you.