Days with the kids

Hi Brooke,

It was so helpful to hear your approach to scheduling with young kids. I have been feeling nervous lately because my husband (who has been off of work on parental leave for the past 3 months) is about to go back to his 9-5 job and I will be home with our infant and toddler alone most days. Last April when we did this work I found it nearly impossible to schedule my time with one child and the ever changing nap times and appointments.
I realize that being freaked out about two kids alone is not helping me but haven’t really broken through on how to both plan my day AND at the same time not make it mean I am failing if we don’t uphold a schedule on the days when one won’t nap while the other one does or my youngest is cluster feeding and my toddler wants to run laps down the hall for an hour.

I watch myself get overwhelmed and then I avoid planning anything because I think “whats the point? We won’t be able to do all of this anyway.”

Is there a way to do this with young, unpredictable kids? Or do I need to try out a thought like “our plan is an ideal blueprint and even if I don’t follow every part of it it’s better than nothing”