Debrief on 2018 as a bridge to work on 2019 Impossible Goal?

I’m working on my Impossible Goal for 2019 and I’m feeling like it should be the same goal as I had for 2018 but did not achieve. I made progress, I learned a lot but am still very far from achieving it. The goal was to earn $200K in my coaching business while holding down my 6-figure full time job. I had some great by-products of setting the goal in 2018 I have to say. I realized part way through the year that if I could get a job working from home rather than commuting 2+ hours per day that it would give me more time and energy to work on my business. I’m so pleased to say that I just got a job offer for the same amount of money as my old job, working from my home office, so stoked!!!!

Now, I want to pick the same goal as 2019 for $200K in my business while excelling at the new job but feels like I need to fully “debrief” on 2018 first. It’s like I want to clean it all up, understand what worked and celebrate that, then understand what didn’t work and build on 2019 goal and fails from there.

Is that recommended and why yes or why not? And if yes, is there a process you can recommend to do this effectively?