December’s $$ Worth – AMD

OK … I’m working on constraining my goal for 2019, working on generating the excitement and drive that I want to have and getting it to the right size.
Unintentional model:
C: Impossible Goal
T: My life will be too hard if I do this
F: Resistant
A: Think/Act like “You can’t make me do this”, Beat myself up if I don’t, try to beat myself into it… total inner gridlock
R: Gridlock -> totally too hard to live like this.

Boom. If I don’t clean up my thoughts, either by deciding NOT to do the goal and working through all the drama around deciding no, OR by deciding TO do the goal and working the drama around that…. If I don’t clean up, I’m stuck. REGARDLESS of the fucking choice.

C: Impossible goal
T: Do it, don’t do it – is the same.
F: Thunderstruck
A: Brain Freeze. Go chew on THAT, why don’t you sister?
R: One step closer to untying the never-ending knot of doing.