Decision Fatigue

I am decorating my new house. I get into decision paralysis when I am trying to choose a furniture. For example I spent a lot of time browsing obsessively to find the best match for a console table. After days of research I ended up buying one. I was sure it was going to work.

After a week, the furniture arrived at my door. The moment I opened the package I instantly did not like it. I still went ahead to set it up, and tried it for a week. But I did not like it. It noticed my thoughts – ” The color is too dark”, “This is not the style I want”. I finally decided to return it. I dismantled it and returned it.

Now I am back to square one of not trusting my decision making skill with respect to decor/furniture.
Few thoughts that I uncovered were –
1. You spent so much time choosing, but ended up returning. You wasted a lot of time.
2. You may still not like the furniture that you are buying

What should I do here? Should I really coach myself to like the furniture (saying it is just my thoughts) or change the circumstance (which I did in this case). Brooke says to have your back in all your decisions. How does that look like here?

Below is my own coaching
Circumstances are
1. I am decorating my new house
2. I spent 5 hours and ordered a console table.
3. I returned the console table in 1 week.
Rest are all just thoughts.

My intentional thoughts
I made a decision and chose a furniture. That is moving forward.
Returning the furniture is another decision. I am good at making decisions.
Returning the furniture does not mean I should regret buying it. It is taking massive action until I find the one I want.
Thoughts like – “This furniture may work”, “This console table looks good” were not believable to me. And in this case I WANT a different style of table knowing that the old or the new table won’t make me feel any better or worse.
I will be future focussed. I will constrain and give myself a time limit to choose a furniture online. I will coach myself before the online shopping to describe the furniture that I am looking for.
I will “fail” faster.