Defining Failure

After listening to the Money call yesterday, I began to think about failure. Failure in business. Weight loss. Nail biting. Whatever the goal is.

Until now, I think I boxed the term failure in to mean something catastrophic.

Failure in business = a business going bankrupt / crashing and burning so to speak
failure in weightloss = morbid obesity or yo-yo’ing for life

Because of that belief, I realize when asked to do “epic fails” or “what have I failed at today?” I would have a block. Like, nothing catastrophic has happened.

So, I looked it up. Saw a wide array of definitions.

Arrived at this one: Failure is lack of a desired outcome.

OH. Well, in that case. I got this. I can handle failure. It’s not a tsunami! It’s when I took action to get X, but got Y instead.

Just wanted to share!

I realize when failure isn’t a catastrophe. It’s not being homeless on the street. It’s just a lack of a desired outcome. I can fail. I can keep taking action. Fall. Get back up.