Deserving (or not) . . .

Hi Brooke,

I would like your help on creating bridging thoughts or more positive thoughts to these limiting beliefs.

At work, I made a strong case for purchasing new equipment and really expensive professional development that would involve international travel. It was a good case and it got approved instantly. I also threw in another idea and it was also approved. I was shocked. I had 3 yeses in a row in a matter of 30 minutes. That was it. So, here comes the interesting stuff that my brain does…. I started to feel unsure afterwards and undeserving. My negative belief was that I don’t deserve it. When I asked myself the question – why don’t I deserve it? I came up with these three statements….
– I always take the hard road not the easy one. This seems too easy to be ligit.
– People don’t go all in with me. (I’m not someone people fully invest in – old thought for sure)
– This is too good to be true.

When I start to re-think that thought and bridge… I go to … I am 100% deserving and I go all in on me. But I’m not 100% there…. so my mind is resisting. How can I get there? What else do I need to consider? It’s like my mind wants me to automatically go to this place of negativity and not enjoy the awesome high. This is bringing up some pretty deep rooted beliefs and feelings for me, which is GREAT. Look forward to your response.