Diamond, but still believing circumstances have ‘power’ over me

Hi Brooke, recently I was doing work on beliefs and realized I still do not fully believe in my ability to choose how to feel, I still feel “vulnerable” to my Cs.

For example yesterday my son got excluded from a sport team he’d worked all year to join. I have thoughts including “it’s not fair/right”. In my thought work I can see it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things and that my Ts are creating pain and negativity, but I’m still in anger, resentment and sadness even though I see it’s unnecessary and unhelpful.

I’m working on allowing the emotions, but it reinforces my belief that even a “trivial” C has power over me – I don’t have the ability yet to fully believe it as completely neutral and determine how I feel. I know I’ll get past this sport team issue but what’s the bigger work I need to do here? How do I get more effective and confident in my belief that all Cs are neutral and I have the power to create my feelings?

I’m especially afraid of illness, pain and loosing loved ones.