Diamond Call

Hi Brooke,

I’m grateful for the Diamond calls, that we pushed at more of an advanced level.
Today, hearing the topic “why are you not 100% committed” was a relief- to learn that I have jumped this hurdle.
There is nothing appealing about an Option B- that’s actually not an option. I feel 100% committed- WAHOO!!

I know there are plenty of other area’s I need work on though.
We have two business models- online coaching and fitness/social membership- that both require a lot of energy.
Although, I feel committed to serving both, I am open to one not making money for another year as long as we can earn money in one.

Is it bad to be working on two businesses at once? If I’m 100% committed to doing both- it shouldn’t be a problem right?
C: We own two businesses
T: I’m committed to taking massive action until we hit our goals.
F: focused
A: plan ahead
R: hit goals

Thanks Brooke!
(Your worry free student)