Diamond Coaching Call with Rachel

I am so happy to be continuing my work as a Diamond Scholar. Having the opportunity to go deeper on my thought work has meant everything to me, because at the end of each month over the last year i kept feeling like i was running after a bus yelling “wait, wait , wait for me, I’m not done absorbing, I’m not done thinking, …… I still need to…..” And lo and behold, I’m not left behind at all. Now in 2018 I get to look at the work each month more deliberately and deeper and often something I think I already know comes back to me in a completely new way offering amazing insights. Thank you Brooke for designing things this way and thank you to Rachel for teaching the additional tool on the Diamond Call in such an accessible way. You were so clear about how the Option B tool integrated with the work we’ve already done and how it would help us get to a full commitment… I was one of the people who you coached on the call and when you gave me another way of looking at my T line, it felt like a huge boulder was exploded in my brain. I had never considered what you suggested to me and it turned me around 180 degrees….from being completely stuck to seeing a way to move forward. It was a Big Wow. Thank you again !