Diamond year

Hi Brooke,
I am so excited to be starting this year because I am a completely different place than I was when I started last year. I really feel like I am only beginning with this work yet I have changed so much in the time I have been both listening to your podcast and doing your work with scholars. I lost 20 lbs by November after really serioiusly focusing on my protocol. Then I let it go because we were moving and the end of year business with work and kids stuff. I thought for sure I would have gone up again and gained most of it back when i started back in this year but I had actually kept it off. That means that I had actually really fundamentally changed my relationship to food and when I thought about it I realise that I no longer binge to fullness or buy sweet things when I am feeling down. I’m nearly 50, In my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE THIS HAS NEVER BEEN THE CASE. It’s a miracle. I didn’t even gain weight over Christmas. Whaaat?? So I am starting this year knowing that I can finally get the remaining weight I have to lose off in the first quarter and never have to worry about it again. I am so glad you are offering the Diamond year because I feel like I have only just begun. After March I won’t be using my planner page in my diary to put weight loss goals. I can put other goals in there for the first time.
Thank you so much and thanks for this work.