Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

C: diamond Scholars
T: this will be a waste of money since I know everything but if I cancel I’ll miss out
F: know it all attitude
A: I don’t cancel but in the meantime act like I know it all and don’t do the May work
R: it’s a waste of money because I don’t cancel and don’t do the May work

C: diamond Scholars
T: I’m one year in and because we never get there there’s so much more to learn
F: excited for next level
A: I listen to May introduction video about relationships
R: mind blown. There’s so much to lean and it’s like I now have new eyes about relationships

Brooke I feel genuinely excited for my future. I see myself with love and I see the world in the same way as a result of SCS. I coach first time cookbook writers. They are the most lovely people you’d ever want to meet. Together we discuss process, but I’m even teaching and modeling how to care for our brains!! So fun. I love this program. I love being a diamond. It has changed my life and the investment in Scholars is so good for my brain that it’s not even a question anymore of whether I’m staying. It’s a statement of let’s get to work!!! You are an example of what IS possible and I recommit to applying everything you teach. Love to you and your beautiful family and puppies. ~Maggie 💚