Difficult Conversations – Sister

Hi Brooke,

I am completing the podcast work on difficult conversations and trying to complete the model for the other person. The disagreement is that my son and I are currently living at home (for a period of 1 year while our house gets built) and my sister is mad about it because she thinks it means our parents cannot spend as much time with her and her kids. This is something she has been holding in until the other evening when she let out (via tantrum) how she thinks that mum and dad have chosen my son and I over her. That she apparently told them prior to them agreeing that by agreeing she will feel reject etc. She was extremely upset, at the core being her feeling rejected.

I have listed out her issues and can see how they can be right – as my mum and dad did make a choice. They are spending less time with her kids as a result. I am selfish as I do put my sons welfare first, and am ok with all of that. I also know that my parents do not like travelling long distances to see this sister as frequently as she wants and so they use my son being here as a reason for them to be able to say no to her more often.

What I am struggling with this trying to complete her model as I cannot get to the result:

C: Claire and Finn are living at mum and dad’s
T: Mum and dad have chosen them over myself and my family
F: Rejected
A: Blow up at Claire and tell her she is selfish, that it is her fault mum and dad don’t spend more time with her kids. Tell mum she is a bad parent and rejecting her family.
R: (This is where I am stuck). I think it is “I am rejected by myself” but I cant make the connection so hoping you can please assist.