Doctor’s visit

I have noticed that anytime I have an appointment with a doctor, teacher or other professional, I leave the meeting with my mind racing with lots of anxiety inducing thoughts. The thoughts actually start when I’m in the meeting with them. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and this is the model from that. I think it depends on the situation what exact emotion is contributing to the anxiety, but this is one example.

C Doctor’s visit
T That was completely stupid that I just said that. I should have explained that problem better.
F regret/shame (for feeling stupid)
A Not staying present for the meeting
R I don’t get my problems communicated/remedied

I’m trying to figure out why this is a problem for me, but I think that I have the belief that I should already know more than I do. If I knew all the answers about my body, I wouldn’t be going to a doctor, so this doesn’t make sense. Also, in my mind, the doctor is judging me. Who knows, maybe he is? Maybe I need to just be okay with him being wrong about me as long as it doesn’t interfere with my care?

C Doctor’s visit
T I am communicating what I need to so the doctor can help take care of me.
F Trust
A Staying present for the meeting and request follow up if I need it.
R I get my problems remedied.