Double Dare

I did my dare of the day yesterday and the reaction I got felt exactly as if I were slapped in the face.

A friend of my husband was visiting. He is this successful and rich businessman and always looking into investing in new ideas and ventures.
We were sitting to have lunch together. His manners are from the etiquette book, his English is perfect, and he cannot help himself from commenting if someone has a grammar mistake.

At some point he asked me if I am still part of this life coaching program and I excitedly said that I sure am.
Then I proceeded to my dare and told him, you know, we have nail salon, massage parlors, 24-hour diners, wouldn’t it be amazing if someone were to open a coaching walk-in boutique where people who have a problem they need help with, they just walk in and sit with a coach and maybe solve it with few models in one sitting or maybe over several appointments, and ultimately you have people walking in the city much more relieved, focused and intentional about their day. Frankly, I think it would make a great business in this city.

He stared at me the whole time with complete shock, and for a moment I thought I actually intrigued him. Then he opened his mouth and very calmly said, ‘I think what you just said will win the Guinness award for the most stupid, ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Please, for your own sake, never repeat it to anyone you want to have some respect for you.’

It sure felt like a slap in my face. I felt rejected, stupid, disrespected, humiliated, embarrassed. And all that happened while my husband was in the men’s room, unable to defend me.
I looked back at him and said nothing. I took a sip of ice-water and thought, I wonder what is going on for him in his brain that he thought my idea was so appalling that it deserved such a harsh response.

And so I dared to do another dare and share it with you, Brooke, even though he strongly urged me not to repeat my stupidity, because I learned that no matter how white and pale I felt, I totally survived it.

That Screenwriter