Doubled my weight loss

Hi Brooke, I was looking at your SCS magazine and my testimonial was there. I lost 25 pounds when I sent you my accomplishment. Now I’m at 50 pounds weight loss. Although, I am perfect at my size for my frame, I am going for the last 15. I never imagined this. Last year at this time I had lost 15 and I felt so amazing and I got headshots, in fact the one I sent you. I realize, the concept of time IS relative. I’m my future self and my past self. Have you ever studied Tomas Merton? He talks about people as lights/spirits. The idea that our bodies as energy fields. These concepts are so over my head that I feel as though I can see for a second then I feel so confused, but more so “blown away.” OMG, I can’t explain. It truly has been a wild ride. I wish I could be at your modelthon, but I was invited to speak at a conference. Imagine that! I will see you in May for certification training. I can’t even believe what to believe. Push me more! -Anna