Driven to distraction

I have what my brain likes to tell me is a very weird obsession … since I was a young girl from time to time I get obsessed with other people’s ‘gross’ habits, namely picking their noses!
When my mum or my husband or my coworker do it, I feel I can’t concentrate on anything else and feel the need to make them stop by looking at them/coughing/making noises. I don’t like this because I become totally distracted from what I’m doing – whether that’s working or trying to watch a TV show. However, I feel the habit is ingrained for me since I’ve been doing it for 20+ years. It’s also quite immature of me to address it in this way.
I am keen to find a new thought, instead of obsessing over what I think is something so gross and a thought that is only hurting me, not anyone else! Help 😉

C Someone picks nose
T This is disgusting, they should stop
F Anxiety, distraction
A Watch them, cough
R Believe what they’re doing is disgusting

C Someone picks nose
T I stay in the moment with myself
F Peace, presence
A Repeat thought to myself, feel my body
R Stay in the moment