Emails are the peanuts of the attention

After losing 70 pounds last year I am in maintenance and focus now on improving my work. But I do the work with the urge jar on my eating, because I still have to learn how to be with my urges in maintenance mode. I know too well that losing the weight is just the beginning of the journey. This month I have intense craving for peanuts, so interesting! I chose to eat some a few times before the urge jar, but not since I have it.

I just discovered the book “deep work” by Cal Newport and I think it works very well with Brooke’s teaching for improving the way I work. I am learning to work for long stretches without outside stimulation. And I have strong urges to check my email sometimes. And… the sensation in my body is exactly like the urge to eat peanuts! So that will be my next use of the urge jar, in June. I will design a protocol for connected activities, and use the urge jar for urges to look at my email or my phone or anything connected!

By the way, as I don’t want to be recorded when coached, I am using the 20 mn sessions each week this month, so good!!!