Ex-boyfriend pressing criminal domestic violence charges

Hi Brooke, I just came from a court appearance where I learned that my ex-boyfriend is passionately pursuing taking me to trial and/or having me plead guilty to an assault charge. I did not assault him. There was an incident that was reported very differently by each of us and the things he said I did, I did not do. First, I am grappling with the idea that I still love him and consider him the “love of my life” but cannot reconcile this with his vindictive stance toward me. I keep thinking that he will “come to his senses” and then we can reconcile and all will be ok. I do models on this but my brain keeps looping around to him as the “love of my life”. Second, I have a legal situation where I may be asked to plead guilty to a violation, which is non-criminal, and be subjected to a two year restraining order. I should add that our youngest children attend the same school and are in the same grade so the order of protection is stressful. I am not sure if I should accept this or insist on a trial. Help!