Exceptions Don’t Work For Me

Happy New Year!
I am about to start my 3rd year as a scholar. I lost 39 pounds over the first year and gained back 37 pounds over the second year.
Tracking back to what had started my weight gain I could pinpoint it to my very first exception of flour and sugar.

Over the past year I have resumed my protocol three times and each time I allow an exception I fall back to over desire and uncontrolled urges.
While I am not a fan of feeling powerless with foods I will be lying to myself if I will not admit that there has to be something with my body or brain chemistry that is highly triggered each time I eat flour and sugar. My brain doesn’t care that I call it exception, it throws me right back to getting obsessed with getting my next fix.

I know you advocate not to fear foods and to include exceptions every week but I wonder if for me to keep believing that exceptions hijack my brain will actually be beneficial because I watch myself every single time fall back?