I am struggling a bit with my thought work today. This weekend my mother and I watched my daughter at her swim lessons. She was really disappointed in the quality of teaching, attention my daughter was getting, and treatment of my daughter. “You need to have expectations” my mom stated to me. My initial thought was “mom, I don’t choose to express my expectations the way that you did”. However meanwhile, a friend of my daughter was taking lessons at the same time and has already been moved into the next level class. I asked the mom how she moved up – and she said “I was the squeaky wheel”. I feel confusion today. I have a lot of confusion about what to expect of other people in the context of the growth I have made – how to express unmet expectations from a position of emotional adulthood instead of the pattern I grew up observing – in the context of all the work that we have done here. I want my daughter to succeed, it is factually accurate that the swimming lessons/instructors are not doing the best for my daughter. But I don’t want to act like an entitled child.