Family work

Hi Brooke! I’ve been doing a lot of work around family lately and think I’ve made progress. Could you look over my models for me?

C my family do things
T They are not kind
F hurt, confused, isolated, victimy
A judgement. Withdraw. Shut down. Analyse my behaviour. Confused how to behave.
R reduced contact, uncomfortable interactions – more likely they will not seem kind

Intentional model
C my family do things
T I like me and wish they were more like me. But they are their own people and that’s exactly as it should be.
F secure, accepting, clear
A interact with kindness. Appreciate them for who they are. Look elsewhere for my tribe.
R I like my behaviour. I support and love myself and feel love toward my family.

Have I got this? I realise the second model does still contain some distancing – I’m deciding to look elsewhere for my people. But I’d be taking control in a way that enables me to keep interacting with my family.