Fear of Exhaustion

I exhaust myself with my thoughts throughout the day and then I react to the feeling by not following through on results I want to create for myself at night. I am becoming more and more aware of that habit and it’s liberating to have this awareness. I’m hoping to take purposeful action today and create results that I scheduled, but I’m worried that I still won’t follow through. Every time I schedule something that matters to me, I dread having to do it all day, which actually might be something else that exhausts me, and then I “chill out” and just buffer the night away until the next day. I am terrified that if I follow my schedule the way I’ve laid it out, that I will be burned out, but I want to believe that I wouldn’t do that to myself. I just wonder how to begin to learn to trust myself and the plans I make for my future (the next 24hrs).