Fear that I can’t maintain / grow my business AND lose weight

I’ve spent the last 18 months in SCS focused on growing my business. This month I finished my impossible goal of making $100k cash and as I look back over the last 7 months even, I’ve gained 15lbs.

I’m THRILLED with my business results. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted…and I want to create this mental fortitude when it comes to how I think about food now.

My desired result for November is to make $10,000 or more and lose 10lbs

T: I have $2k scheduled for income in November and will need to sign new clients to hit that
T: It’s going to be hard to focus on two things
T: It’s possible to schedule time to think about both and decide not to have drama about it
T: I have plenty of time to plan my business and my food and then I can do the mind management at the same time
T: I’m going to be in the river of misery while I shift my thoughts about food and stop eating flour and sugar…and that this will only make me stronger in all areas of my life
T: I have all the tools I need to be successful in both
T: This will be such an amazing way to show what else is possible with this work
T: I have all the habits of thinking and have created amazing results…now I can start to apply them to my thinking about food
T: I bet this extra focus on my weight will be great for my business…I bet all this planning and awareness makes the biz part even easier.

Do you have any advice or additional thoughts that can serve me as I do this?

My brains natural inclination has been to tell me that having two focuses is impossible and so I’ve always chosen my business. It isn’t serving my life though…and it’s time for me to believe that both are possible.