Feb & March $$ worth – AMD

As Always, thank you for allowing me to use this forum to formalize my thoughts. And a million thanks so much for creating this program.

February –
I didn’t think I would pay $300 to learn to feel any feeling. Now that Feb is over, I would like more practice with that. So did I get my $$? I published a book in February. It contains explicit sex scenes. That felt insanely risky to me. I had to tell my adult son about it. Everything went wrong during the launch. I scared the daylights out of myself. I’m wildly proud of what I’ve achieved with Scholars. I would pay ten times the monthly fee for that. How do I know? That’s what it cost to launch the book. And, I can still practice feeling any feeling. Boom.

March –
I got my $$ worth today.
Belief uncovered: I have to sacrifice my health, well being and relationships to achieve my goals. ( We were very poor at one point. Sacrificing everything to my goals got us safe in the cave. I’m so grateful to that young woman.)
New thought: We cleared the bar. We’re safe, and I could do it again, in my sleep. The next phase is about what I do with all I’ve achieved. I get to learn how to fit my growth into my life instead of the other way around.
New belief: I rock at achieving new things while honoring the daylights out of who I am.
New actions I would take to support this belief:
-I would explode the try / fail cycle – I’m damn sure safe enough.
-I would never overbook myself.
-I would treat my calendar like an edict from God.
-I would refuse to waste a spec of precious time.

It looks like I’ve got a new playbook. How much would I pay to live like that? I’ve given a lifetime of sacrifice to get here. It’s priceless.
~Amy, AKA new author, Trixie More