Feeling in the R line

Hi Brooke, This seems like such a simple question after 1 year in scholars, I’m sorry if I should know this! Usually the feeling should go in the F line but does it work to put a feeling like “Happy” in the R line? My intentional model is:

C Recent low mood
T I can create happy in the same way others create weight loss; with massive action and commitment
F Determined
A Massive action – (for example – work at eliminating worry, judgement, rumination, experiment with changes to sleep, exercise, routine, get out more, try new things, more treats, be a detective for happiness and pleasure)
R: Create more positive emotion (aiming for 50:50)

This feels motivating and I’d have a strategy (identify obstacles to happy and turn those into action items) but I know it’s a bit different to the approach in ‘How to Feel Better’ and probably involves changing Cs to change my F. I wonder if you’d recommend or have concerns with this approach, if other clients have done it successfully, or if you have any other thoughts or tips.

I’ve a fear that experimenting with more pleasure could lead me to begin over-eating, drinking or shopping.

In the past I’ve not been all that successful generating happy with my thoughts. I do well with creating emotions that serve me like compassion, competence, calm even gratitude but happy has been difficult for me to create. I want to create happy because I think life would be more fun and I’d be a more positive presence in the world if I were happier.

Thank you.