Financial relationship with husband: finding a balance between teamwork and independence

My husband doesn’t make enough money to cover his basic monthly expenses and most of the time I pay off his credit cards to avoid carrying a balance. He doesn’t spend a lot and he knows he needs to make more money and tells me he will but he gets stuck in thought whirlwinds and has a hard time taking action. He has a ton of mind drama and confidence issues, for which I am compassionate for as I am no different. I have learned that I can’t expect him to change or bring in more money.

I decided this year to stop expecting him to make more money and to be responsible for saving for my own emergency, retirement and having a baby money (realistically, this money would be used for either one of us). I feel a lot better about this because I don’t need anything from him.

However, I don’t want to give up on working together as a team for common goals. Right now, we have weekly financial meetings to monitor our monthly expenses and we both feel empowered by them.

So, I need to find the right thoughts to help me continue to grow my financial independence but still nurture financial teamwork at a level that my husband can participate in successfully.

Give me your coaching goodness, please!