Follow up to "Can I make my September goal work or do I need to parse it down?’ ls

Whoever answered my question – thanks, I like your answer. Last thing you said was to think of it as math. Yes, I love the concept. Would you please say more about what you mean?

For anyone who’s reading this (and for whoever answered my original question) – here’s what I’m doing – and I’m writing this out both because a) I’m proud of what I’m doing and I want to shout out to everyone how freakin’ fabulous I believe I am for doing this and b) if y’all are project management efficiency mavens with something to add, I’m listening:

1) Spent many hours alone with a very large piece of paper on the wall. Divided the paper into the 4+ areas of my life I want movement in. Brainstormed and visioned everything I want to do in each area, no editing. At least a 5 hour event.

2) Went back (still doing this) and asked three questions: Do I have time to do this? Does it fire me up? Will it make money? Whatever couldn’t pass at least one of these questions gets crossed out. If it fires me up but can’t happen this year it goes on a sticky note for the future.

3) Take a second giant sheet and split it into 12 squares for 12 months and put it on the wall next to the visioning paper. Start calendaring everything I’m keeping from the master visioning list. Start with the no-brainer items with hard dates. For other items choose the month I’m going to engage fully in them. For some I know when they’re due and I work backwards listing the major events that need to happen in preceding months to get to the due date. Have “list 40 scary things to do, schedule xx” at the top of each month, as doing one terrifying thing, M-F of every week (excluding holidays) is a goal. For items I’m not sure if I can do and I want to keep on the table, I list them on a square sticky note and put them at the beginning of a one of the year’s quarters. Every three months I look where I am and see if they can be incorporated. Always leave white time for unexpected things to come up.

Simultaneously I have a third giant sheet on the wall for September with my due date for this to be finished. I take items from the master list and put them into this month to be sure I’m pursuing the big goals AND that I’m taking all the steps I need to have so many individual items worked out for the yearly calendar. It’ll all be done by 4:30 pm on Sept 30.

Especially scheduling September has had to be fluid. I still stand in front of the visioning piece of paper and ask myself “What do I need to do today to work on the yearly calendar, and what info do I need to get to the Sep 30, this is done goal?” This part has had to stay fluid, leading to models that I’m doing it all wrong, which in turn leads to a new understanding about what “wrong” and “right” are. So good.

Once this is done I have a solid master schedule to look at regularly and to work off of for the year. At the start of each month I look forward six months to be sure I considered what to do each preceding month to hit that deadline in case there’s been changes or developments. Then I look at what needs to get done this month and break it into what will get done by the week. Every Friday I look at what needs to be done the coming week and break that into days. It all gets calendered.