Friend Doubt


Three weeks ago I cried in front of a former friend from work and decided to end the friendship because she showed no regard towards me. I’ve been there for her when she’s struggled in her relationships and it felt flat when I was going through something and she couldn’t reciprocate what I used to do for her. I feel absolutely justified in not continuing the friendship but find that I waver in my action line when it comes to texting this person or smiling at this person. So here’s my model:

C – coworker
T – I miss having her in my life
F – Lonely
A – text her saying we should talk, smile when I see her, cry about the loss of the friendship, wake up ruminating about why my friendship wasn’t valuable to her
R – I miss out on honoring myself

This feels emotional at the moment, but I know so many thoughts are available for me to think. I just don’t want to go to the other end and be angry. In terms of emotions, is there something that might be between Lonely and Angry?

Thank you.