From 80 to 100% (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
I’ve just found this amazing limiting belief: allowing me to do B- work means that I do things rather than nothing and yet I don’t quite reach my goals. When I heard you say “follow your protocol 100%” this morning, I thought, “surely 80% is better than nothing, she can’t mean 100% of course!” But I questioned that thought and realised that I held it in many areas of my life.
C – protocol
T – 80% is better than nothing
F – justified
A – I have a little bit more of anything that appeals to me once or twice a day, I forgive myself very easily whenever I have more than planned…
R – I don’t quite reach my goals.
So I’ve decided to go, “not all in” because as a former perfectionist, I know that would mean that failures would not be “allowed”, but progressively from 80% to 100%, one step at a time. Last week, I was able to follow my protocol 100% 2 days in a row. I’ll add one more day for each of the next few weeks which means that next week, I want to follow my protocol 100% 3 days in a row and so on.
T – I can go from 80% to 100%, one step at a time
F – certain
A – I follow my plan, I learn from my mistakes, I reassess my plan (1 more day on precise protocol per week until I reach 7 out of 7)
R – I progress and learn about myself
What are your thoughts on that?
Have a great day!