Hi Brooke,
We had an event at the Westin last night- still doing our fitness and social classes for free until March, when we will have our membership/website ready for $19.99
The weather has been rainy and cold. When we showed up to Westin for our FREE and indoor room they gave us to do a 30/30 they asked “you think you’ll have people come with this weather”. I was pretty confident, “oh yeah”.

ONLY SIX PEOPLE showed up (the same people that show up at almost every class)!! I was so disappointed and frustrated- I know I made it mean, “we aren’t ever going to be successful” but it feels so discouraging.

C: six out of twenty people show for free event
T: We aren’t ever going to be successful.
F: Discouraged
A: Lack of presence
R: Less engaged and don’t enjoy 6 people

C: six out of twenty people show for free event
T: No matter what we will be successful, so today we will work on solutions
F: Committed
A: Connect with people- asking for feedback
R: Get clear on value we offer

I know these results are just a failure. That failure isn’t bad and we can learn from this. Why does it feel so draining today more than MOST days when we fail?