Generating emotions

Wow! I had a breakthrough today after listening to the podcast live webinars, specifically generating emotions, and doing my scholars work. I identified a common thought, “I’m not good enough”, in my unintentional model. Its such a common reactive thought that i often skip over the feeling as yuck, bad. Today, i encourafed myself to really explore tge feeking and remember times when this thought generared intense pain. I described the sensation in my body and its so interesting! i had urges to hurt myself (claw, choke, writhe) that are all manifestations to resist this emotion. Its still hard to describe, but as a watcher i was go deeper and get curious about this experiebce, and breath through the urges (no physical self harm!). I also learned that i genuinely believe my intentional thought that I am worthy (as a human, and working on other specifics). I’m ready to drop this unintentional thought from my story!