Get a job or go full out in my coaching business

Hi Brooke,
It’s crunch time for me and coaching. I have always wanted to have my own coachin/g business and I absolutely love and practice all the things that you teach. I have been listening to your podcast since day one and putting everything into practice and have lost over 25 lbs. and I am a MBI trained coach but I have been working in marketing for the past 4 years as I had a divorce and have two kids to support. The role I have had has ended and I have the opportunity to start my coaching business and work on it full time. I have a niche that I am really happy with in weightloss and I have my website set up and have a lead magnet and and am working on the tech stuff so I can run facebook ads. I would have loved to have taken your training but I have decided not to put any more money into more learning until I have actually run the business for a while. I feel good about this choice because I have the coach training from MBI and I think it’s time to knuckle down. I also have psych background and counselling training so it’s not like I don’t have a wealth of tools and skills plus I do the work on myself every single day. The thing is I don’t have unlimited funds to support myself while I get the business up and running. I have money to invest but I need to make it back to make this all worthwhile. I was thinking of giving it my all for three months to see if I can make a go of it with some substaintial investment in facebook ads. I bought Claire Pells course a while back and am implementing that. I know this requires an enormous amount of self belief. What are your thoughts?
Many thanks for all you do.