Getting it done!

Just wanted to share the power of blocking out specific time to get work done. On Monday of this week, my brain was worrying that I didn’t have enough hours at work to service my regular client work AND complete a full marketing audit + annual plan for a client, as well as a brand messaging document for another. I decided that Wednesday from 10-2 would be dedicated to COMPLETING the marketing plan and audit, and Thursday from 11-1 would be for COMPLETING the Brand document for the other.

I completed both. I felt energized for the first hour or two and when I wanted to “do something else”… “take a break” … I didn’t. That was the time I committed to doing both. I woke up early this morning (Friday), spent an hour proofreading both and then delivered them to the clients. Took the rest of the day off work.

It’s really easy to shift back and be more lenient with myself on my work schedule because the clients didn’t know I sent an internal deadline for these items, but committing and being accountable to myself feels great.

Thanks, Brooke, for showing us the way!