Getting to an aligned model

I was working on my SCS homework for the day and I don’t think I’ve aligned my IM and need some help.

My purpose is leadership through love. And I am focusing this month on really leading myself and being truly in service to myself. In my thought download (which, uhh, need some more room for on the daily worksheet!) I wrote “Leadership through love is in service myself and my financial security”. I feel very whole with the model that thought creates and actually came up with fun idea about how to live it.

But then, as I moved to the UM and IM on the bottom of the page I’m trying to create my intentional model based on my purpose with the circumstance of my core business product…

C- Core product
T- It’s going to make a ton of $$
F- Anxiety
A- Buffer, overwork, fuss with the product and wallow in confusion
R- Not let it make a ton of $$

IM (which I started on the F line, went through A and R)
C- Core product
T- My core product changes lives
F- Love
A- Do asks, sign clients, deliver content, sell thousands of the core product
R- Change my life

But that intentional model doesn’t bring the sense of wholeness the thought “Leadership through love is in service myself and my financial security” does and the R seems forced… And as I write that out, I can’t tie my thought to the circumstance of my core product. Maybe I just need to let them be 2 different models?

I’d love some help!