Goal $40,000 actual $50,000

Hi Brooke! I just want to share the power of self-coaching. My marathon program is like my sandbox. I started 6 years ago leading this volunteer ministry with my church recruiting runners and raising funds to support a food distribution center in Africa. It is through this program that I had the idea to become a coach. Mind you, I typically operate with anxiety, overwhelm, and stress. This year I presented myself with the option that I did not have to do it that way… and so, when I noticed anxiety and my urge to control the world, I smiled, said a little prayer to redirect and allowed the anxiety to be present while I moved forward.

I loosed my efforts to control my runners, my donors, the computer program, the outside organizations, those that did not join my team and those that did and did not fulfil their commitment.

Guess what? I surpassed my goals. Recruiting 32 runners (20 was goal) and raising $50,000 ($40,000 goal). PLUS I’m happier, more enjoyable to be around, and an example to my team to believe in the impossible.

It’s so crazy, I was just saying to my peer coach, how is it possible that it is this easy? It is the cumulative effect of self-coaching. My next goal, to build my coach practice to $250k without stress and overwhelm.

Thank you for your thoughts and showing what is possible.