Going deeper and closing all the backdoors #2

Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, it’s about not wanting to overeat.

Since I posted that I have made some real progress by just asking myself when I want to overeat ‘is it true?’. So just being with the feeling the desire and the urge to eat and asking myself if it’s true that I really want to overeat. When I really sit with it the answer is always no, I don’t want food. I have the urge but I would rather feel anxious than cover it with food or drink. I want to feel anxious rather than I want to eat because the anxious is how things actually are for me and the food is just checking out. I thought that food was the problem. I see now that the problem is that I am seeing my emotions as something to solve not experience. I know you have said this a hundred million times but it’s taken me a while to really get to the point where I am confronting myself on this one with food.

And the Artificial Sweeteners video was amazing! Thanks!! Super helpful.