Going deeper and closing all the backdoors


I’ve been in SCS the whole time it’s been running and I have lost 30 lbs and kept it off but I have another 30lbs I could lose. I realise that I am still keeping the option of overeating open to me. It’s still there if things get tough. I can spend the day overeating or just cheating on my protocol. I do this by being vague. Going unconscious. I also do it by using proxy foods like lots of veges to stuff myself or having diet colas. The door to overeating is always open. It’s a real shock to see even after all this work when I get to bedrock I don’t want to give up this pacifier. It’s not at all the same with drinking which is truly discretionary. I don’t need it and I could honestly say if the Dr said you can never drink again I would be like ‘no problem’. Overeating is not the same for me it’s like I’m filled with dread at the thought that I could never ever just check out and binge. Super fascinating to finally arrive at this point. I am now going to do my work on never, ever overeating or bingeing again in any circumstances.
Thanks, Brooke!!