"Good" work

In my thought download this morning, I discovered that I believe good work is work that is done while feeling good. I often feel bad while working, of course, due to what I am thinking while I am working. But my question is, since negative feelings create negative results, is it not necessarily true that “good work” is work completed while feeling positively? I think it’s a little tricky because “good work” is a thought. Not everyone would agree to what good work is. But maybe what I am getting at is because I feel bad while I’m working, my experience of my work is that it’s not great, because of how I feel while doing it. Is that right? Here are a couple of models from my work this morning.

C: me in a job
T: Being good at my job means feeling good while doing it
F: dread
A: avoid work, think of the past and how I’ve felt bad while working
R: I make myself feel bad with this thought and then avoid work, proving that I’m not good at whatever job I happen to be in

C: me in a job
T: it might be possible that I can feel discomfort AND create quality work
F: curious
A: ask a coach lol.
R: I open my mind to the possibility of stopping equating feelings with “goodness”