Got what I needed

I wanted to be coached on the diamond call yesterday, and didn’t get called on…but I got what I needed anyway.

I was going to tell my sad, sad story of my past and how it is affecting me today.

But basically it boils down to a really dramatic story to explain why I am not getting my own back.

New thought…. I am not doing xyz because I choose now not to do xyz. My brain wants to blame my past, and it’s all OK.

That thought feels much better than retelling my past. I think I am only now ready for this thought because I have been working so much on self love and compassion. For the longest time, I needed to place blame, and it was less painful to blame the past than to blame myself. But today, I just feel compassion. I don’t need to give blame or accept blame. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to accept responsibility with love and compassion, not blame and shame. Thank you for showing me the way.